Weinig machine in NorDan factories in Kvillsfors and Tanum

NorDan Factories Undergo Digital Transformation

An investment in manufacturing machinery worth approx. 50 Million SEK for 2018 is an important part of the strategy for modernising and digitizing NorDan’s swedish factories.

The window factory in Kvillsfors which primarily produces windows for the project market, and the the window factory in Tanum which produces windows for the residential market have both seen new, fully automatic production lines for timber chopping and machining. The equipment is delivered by the German manufacturer Weinig, a world leader on production machinery for the window industry. The machines are run digitally, receiving batch files directly from the business system. An incredible flexibility in use and high effiency are also key features in the investment.

The preparations began in Tanum and Kvillsfors in October last year, to be ready to receive the new machinery from Germany.

– The production lines for chopping are 30 meters long, and the machining center measures 36 meters from end to end, says Tommy Egelström, responsible for the installation of the new machinery.

The machining center produces complete window components, and together with the chopping line only 7-8 minutes are required to machine all the components for a complete opening window.

– These new machines lets us reduce lead times in the factories, and the production lines can be run with fewer operators than traditional machines can, Tommy Egelström says. He adds that the machines are set up to be able to produce products from different ranges in the NorDan portfolio, and that each machining center has a capacity of 260 tools with automatic tool change when needed.

General Manager in NorDan AB, Dag Kroslid, welcomes the investment and comments:

– This is a great leap for our factories. Machinery, flexibility and digitalization all plays into this, and the NorDan Group is sending a strong signal that the factories in Sweden are prepared for the future!.

For more information about Weinig: weinig.com